A cookie is a small text file that is saved on a user's computer when he or she is visiting a website. Cookies can help for instance to recognise users who repeatedly are visiting a website. Your shop system is using cookies.

How to display a cookie disclaimer

You can determine that visitors of your shop are notified about the use of cookies when they visit the shop for the first time.

  1. In the sidebar of the administration, navigate to Editor.
  2. Select BottomSettingsIcon.png in the bottom bar.
  3. Select the tab CookieIcon.png.
  4. Under Display cookie notice you determine if a notification should be displayed or not.
  5. Under Text you can edit the text which is shown in the notification. You can also add links by selecting the link symbol.
  6. Select Save.

Which required/necessary cookies are available in the shop?

There are several cookies, which are absolutely necessary for the use of the shop. These are stored on the user's end device when the shop is visited.

If you wish, you can also add this list to your legal page about cookies.

Name of the cookie Function
session_id Content of the user's shopping cart
session_id.sig Validation of the cookie „session_id“
sf-locale Language version of the shop chosen by the customer
Epagescookielawcookie Cookie setting chosen by the customer (should all cookies be set or only the required ones?)
Shoplnit Communication between shopping cart and ordering process
SessionID Communication between shopping cart and ordering process


If a shop customer has selected to store only the required cookies, third-party apps, the Google Tag Manager and custom HTML elements may not be loaded.

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