Links to social media profiles in the footer

You can link your profiles on social networks like Facebook or Twitter in the footer of your shop. This way, you offer your visitors more ways to get informed and to keep in touch with you. Follow the steps below to link a profile:

  1. In the sidebar of the administration, navigate to Editor.
  2. On the right side at the bottom of your shop, select the footer symbol footer2.jpg.
  3. Select the tab 4685dbd221d4cd6fe09f6fc35109bcc7ab445bb8aa54be6e270043519937ba8d.png.
  4. Activate the respective checkbox to add the link to your profile on a social network. You can also activate several checkboxes if you would like to link more than one profile.
    By default, all checkboxes are activated and the respective logos of the social networks are displayed in your footer. As long as you do not enter a link to your profile (as described in step 5), visitors will be forwarded to your homepage when selecting one of these logos. You can deactivate the checkbox of a social network at any time. The logos of social networks with deactivated checkboxes will not be displayed in your footer anymore.
  5. Enter the link to your respective profile. The link has to begin with http:// or https://, for example
  6. Select Save.

The logos of the social networks with activated checkboxes are now visible in the footer of your shop. Here's an example of how it could look like:

If visitors select a logo for which you have entered a link to your social media profile, the respective profile will be opened in a new tab.

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