Insert custom HTML code

HTML is a markup language that is mainly used to create web pages. You can insert your own HTML code on the content and category pages of your shop.

Among other things, this offers you the following options:

  • Embedding widgets and trust seals
  • Embedding iFrames
  • Integration of social media feeds
  • More design options e.g. when inserting images
  • Inserting tables, buttons and other elements
  • Determine anchor points with which visitors of the shop can reach a specific point on a page.


Inserted HTML code can have negative effects on the design and functionality of your shop and can also affect the responsive design of your shop. You make changes at your own risk. The provider of your shop does not provide customer service for custom HTML and its possible effects on your shop.
Carefully review your shop after any changes are made. Please also note that the automatically applied updates affect the program code of your shop. Therefore, check regularly whether the HTML code you entered still serves its purpose and whether it affects the design or functionality after the update.
In some cases not all of your shop's visitors will see the custom HTML elements in your shop - for instance due to cookie settings.

How to insert your own HTML code

  1. In the sidebar of the administration, navigate to Editor.
  2. You can see a list of your pages in the sidebar of your Editor under Pages → Content pages. Select the page that you would like to edit or add a new one. A preview of the page is shown on the right-hand side.
  3. In the sidebar of the Editor, select Content Elements.
  4. Select the category HTML.
  5. Drag and drop the content element Custom HTML into the preview area. You can only drop content elements into the blue areas of the page.
  6. Select Add HTML.
    The view Add HTML appears.
  7. Enter the HTML code you want to add to the page.
    If you want to delete the content to start over, select the Reset link at the bottom left.
  8. Select Save.

You have added a custom HTML element to your shop. Check if the changes are displayed correctly or if there are any problems. To do that, select View your shop in the top bar.


You can only add your own HTML code to the content and category pages of your store, not to legal pages, product pages, or the checkout process.
The inserted HTML code is only valid for the respective page.
Your shop software automatically checks whether the HTML code you have entered is valid.

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