Update from the Base to Now version: Frequently asked questions


This article is exclusively for merchants who have been offered a switch to the Now version from the Base version in the administration area of your shop. Please click on one of the questions to expand the answer.

Update procedure

  • No, the update is free of charge.

  • An update can take place as soon as the used features in Base largely correspond to the available features in Now. Base merchants whose shops are suitable are then notified in the administration area and can start the update if they wish. To start the update, click on Shop update in the administration area of your Base shop in the main menu and then on the button Create new shop.

  • You decide when the Base shop will be switched off and the Now shop activated. Take your time to check and adjust settings in the Now shop and go online with it when you are ready.

  • You can take as much time as you like to complete the update.

  • You can find your Now shop in your administration area in the Base shop. You can continue to edit it at any time under the menu item Shop update and Explore new Shop.

  • You can stop the update and delete the new shop at any time. To do this, select the Delete new shop button in the administration area of your Base shop. You can delete your new shop and continue working as usual in your existing shop. If you decide to delete your new shop, you can start the update process again at any time.

  • If you are happy with your Now shop, you can confirm that the transfer should be made. The transfer will be completed within a maximum of one day. Your Base shop will be deleted in this step. All data will then be available in the Now shop. You will be notified by e-mail when the transfer is complete, then make any final settings and open your Now shop for your customers.

  • Some areas of the administration are not available to you until the start of the new shop - for example, the "Marketing" section. The reason is that these settings are automatically taken over from your Base Shop and therefore you do not have to make them yourself.

Design and content

  • Your Now shop will be available in the languages you had activated in your Base shop.

  • Yes, all texts of the legal pages will be transferred.

  • Your USPs will not be transferred to your Now shop. If necessary, you can enter them yourself after the update. To do this, go to the Editor in the main menu and then click on the header button in the shop preview.

  • No. Neither images nor texts are taken from the extended descriptions of content and category pages.

  • Yes, it is possible to insert your own CSS. You can also insert HTML content elements.


  • Yes. However, your variations must not exceed the following size: Maximum 3 attributes, 25 values and 500 total variations per item.

  • In version Now you can create a maximum of 3 attributes, 25 values and 500 total variations per item.

  • The extended descriptions that you know from your base version are only partially transferred during the update: Texts from your extended description will be added to your standard description, extensions such as pictures cannot be transferred.

  • No, existing ratings are not transferred.

  • No, this is not yet possible.

  • If you add products to Base after creating the Now shop, there is a risk that they will be incorrectly formatted after the update. We therefore recommend adding products before creating the Now shop or inserting them after the update.


  • Your customers can log in with their old password and username after the shop update.

  • Your customers and order data will not be imported into your new Now shop until the final shop transfer. Up to that time, you can maintain your orders and customers as usual in your Base shop. If you create test orders in your Now shop, this will be overwritten with your current data during the final data import.

  • Yes, all existing orders will be transferred.

  • No, data from the widgets is not transferred.


  • No. We recommend checking the settings after the transfer. To do this, go to Settings and Order documents.

  • Yes, both are still possible.

  • Yes, you can still export your invoices in the file formats you know from the Base version.


  • Direct creation of shipping labels is possible in some cases, for example with DHL. Hermes and GLS are currently only offered via external apps such as Shippo.

Marketing and SEO

  • Yes. After the final move, your domain from Base will become the domain in your Now shop.

  • Product and category URLs will be redirected to the new URLs. Short URLs that link to pages and products of your old shop will be redirected to the start page of your new shop. We also recommend manually connecting the new sitemap to the Google Search Console.

  • No, with Now you no longer need canonical URLs. Through the talking URLs in Now, the canonical page is automatically selected by the search engine.

Other questions

  • If you plan to change your category structure, we recommend doing so in the Base shop.

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